Alexander dynaflanger
Alexander dynaflanger $229.00
flanging is a really unique type of modulation effect. A good flanger can cover all kinds of territory, from metallic resonance to jet-place whoosh, and anywhere in between. We think the Dynaflanger 213 is a great flanger, and we equipped it with ten unique and useful flanger modes to allow you to express yourself. The Leap Series improves upon our popular Neo Series platform in lots of ways, including: Stereo audio input and output with phase correction Low-noise direct-coupled audio path Improved audio headroom and frequency response FXCore DSP with more than 8 times the processing power than our previous Neo Series pedals 32 onboard presets (4 banks of 8 presets each,) all accessible on the pedal without the need for external controls.
Alexander jubilee silver overdrive
Alexander jubilee silver overdrive $189.99
Roaring like a British Lion from Wembley to the Sunset Strip, the Jubilee is ready to melt faces.  Sure, it can do subtle but that's no fun.  Crank it up and rock out.
Alexander luminous phase shifter
Alexander luminous phase shifter $229.99
We sent a team of sonic scientists deep into the arctic circle on a secret mission: to capture bits of the Aurora Borealis so we could transmute them into a pedal. What emerged was Luminous, equal parts phaseshifter and swirly glowing haze machine. It dances and hovers with the utmost mystery, occasionally imperceptible while frequently vivid. And it glows in the dark, because of course it does.Pedal art by Sergio Monfort
Alexander Marshmallow Alexander Marshmallow
Alexander Marshmallow $199.99
“Marshmallow?” That’s a silly name for a pedal, we know. But it totally fits. Sweet, fun, and probably best consumed in small doses, our Marshmallow makes weird gooey sounds with your favorite instruments. At its heart, Marshmallow is a pair of pitch shifters that we combine and modulate in interesting ways with a variety of magic tricks.  Want smooth chorus?  No problem.  How about juicy organ tones?  Yup. Maybe you want your stuff to sound like a cat on helium?  Yes, we do that too. Basically, Marshmallow is a quick way to start at normal and end up at “what was that?!” We hope you like it as much as we do. Marshmallow features six effect modes, all of which are adjustable to play from 44.1kHz down to 1.6kHz bandwidth using the CLOCK knob. High clock rates yield impressive fidelity and great sound quality. Low clock rates introduce artifacts, noise, and weirdness. You have been warned.   EFFECT MODES: MOD Dual pitch shift with adjustable pitch modulation. VOICE and TWO control the pitch shift intervals, MOD and ALT control the depth and rate of the modulation. ARPY Tweakable arpeggiator effect. VOICE, TWO, and MOD control the intervals of the arpeggio, and ALT controls the speed and direction of the arpeggiator. Set ALT near the middle for slower speeds, or towards either end for faster ones. RAND Dual pitch shift with random modulation. VOICE and TWO control the pitch shift intervals, MOD controls the amount of modulation from the randomizer, and ALT controls the amount of modulation signal fed to each pitch shift voice. RING Dual pitch shift with automatic panning between the two signals. VOICE and TWO control the pitch shift intervals, MOD controls the speed of modulation from a very slow tremolo to a very horrible ring modulation, and ALT controls the balance between the two pitch-shifted signals. DYNA Dynamic pitch shifter. VOICE and TWO select the “quiet” and “loud” pitch shift intervals, MOD sets the sensitivity of the envelope detector. Play quietly to hear the VOICE pitch and play louder to hear the TWO pitch. Set ALT counter-clockwise to shift seamlessly between the two pitches, or clockwise to bend from one to the other. CLOUD Dual pitch shift with adjustable feedback, for reverb-like washes and echoes. VOICE and TWO control the pitch shift intervals, MOD controls the feedback/texture, and ALT controls the balance between the two pitch-shifted signals.   PITCH LOCK: A lot of pitch shifting pedals on the market allow you to set the intervals over a wide range, but trying to find the right pitch can be tricky. That’s why we’ve added our exclusive Pitch Lock function to Marshmallow. Hold the center button and the Ramp footswitch to cycle between the available Tune Lock settings: PITCH LOCK OFF (alt LED is violet) - Pitch sweeps smoothly from -1 octave to +1 octave. Non-chromatic pitches are possible including slight detuning effects. PITCH LOCK CHROMATIC (alt LED is yellow) - Pitch locks to chromatic intervals from -1 octave to +1 octave. Every half-step is available from -12 to +12. PITCH LOCK MAJOR (alt LED is cyan) - Pitch locks to a major scale from -1 octave to +1 octave. PITCH LOCK MINOR (alt LED is green) - Pitch locks to a minor scale from -1 octave to +1 octave.
Alexander rewind
Alexander rewind $229.00
It’s time to rediscover your affinity for trippy reverse reflections, washed-out reverberations and crystal-clear repeats. The Alexander Pedals Rewind is a reimagining of our flagship delay platform. Ten rejuvenated delay types, all the under-the-hood functionality you require, and an OLED display for instant recall of every parameter. Record, Repeat — Rewind.
Alexander Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer Alexander Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer
Alexander Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer $169.99
Laughter in the face of adversity is the true sound of perseverance. Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer is a limited edition discrete Class-A Preamp designed to crank smiles and boost spirits during these unique and challenging times. As part of a proactive harmonic health regime, Riff safeguards against the omnipresent threat of tonal anemia and ensures optimal signal chain performance when used as directed.Alexander Pedals will donate $10 from each sale of Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to help make a tangible difference in the real lives of those affected. To learn more about Inter-Faith Food Shuttle please visit   Controls: Kills — Controls the output volume of the boost. Crank it to overdrive your tube amp. Most — Adjusts the high-frequency content of the boosted signal. The "neutral" setting is around 2 o'clock. Germs* — Set low for a transparent and glassy boost. Or set it higher for fat and juicy boost. Your call. *Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer does not kill germs. Riff is for display purposes only. Bypass Switching: The Riff Sanitizer features true bypass switching using a latching relay and a soft-touch bypass footswitch.   Power Supply: Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer requires a 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative.  Riff is not designed to be powered on supplies higher than 9V and does not use a battery.  Riff should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply.  Riff requires approx. 12mA.
Alexander Sky 5000 Alexander Sky 5000
Alexander Sky 5000 $199.99
Reverb. Delay. Repeat. The Sky 5000 bathes your signal in an excess of echoes, a deluge of delay, and a surfeit of shimmer.  All of the ambiance you desire is a footstep away. Building a great delay pedal was foremost in our minds when we designed the original Sky Fi.  Development began with a crystal-clear digital delay engine combined with a tone filter to allow tailoring of the response to your liking.  We then added a reverb engine that draws inspiration from certain digital rack units of the '80s and '90s.  These units were designed to be as affordable as possible and had some unique hardware quirks that caused their reverb effects to build in intensity over time.  This "slow-building" artifact is one of the things that made these units so special. When it came time to adapt the Sky Fi to the Neo Series platform we decided to keep the essential simplicity of the original. Inside the Sky 5000, you’ll find the same great tones from the Sky Fi, with a few tweaks to improve the performance and audio quality. Tap tempo, a simplified Repeat control, and more selectable delay tone options await. We hope you love this pedal as much as we do. The Sky 5000 features dual Reverb and Delay engines, routed internally in a parallel configuration. This allows you to combine the two effects without having the reverb wash out the delay, or the delay muddies up the reverb. Each engine has three separate settings, and you can combine them in any way you like. If you want to use only the reverb or only the delay, you can set their levels to zero using the pedal knobs.   REVERB ENGINE: RVB Slow-building ‘90s style reverb effect. Capable of huge washes or subtle ambiance, you decide. +1 Classic “shimmering” upper octave effect. We add in the octave both before and after the reverb for maximum effect. -1 Adds an octave down to the reverb effect. We think it sounds like a cello playing along with you.   DELAY ENGINE: DIG Bright and present digital delay, taken from our original Radical Delay pedal. Use this when you need to cut like a knife. BBD Darker analog-sounding delay effect. Rich and creamy, pairs nicely with the +1 engine for maximum unforgettable fire. OIL DARK sounding delay, murky and a little distorted. Based on our fave vintage electrostatic “oil can” delay unit.
Alexander space force
Alexander space force $229.99
Mankind has long known of the amazing properties of reverberant spaces. From the brilliant reflections of the largest concert halls to the splashy depths of your own shower, every space has its own characteristic sound. The Space Force is our updated take on the sounds of “elsewhere,” and features eight ingenious ways to add some space to your place, whether you're reaching for the stars or just trying to make your world a little bigger.
Alexander Space Race Alexander Space Race
Alexander Space Race $199.99
Mankind has long known of the amazing properties of reverberant spaces. From the brilliant reflections of the largest concert halls to the splashy depths of your own shower, every space has its own characteristic sound. The Space Race is our humble homage to the sounds of “elsewhere,” and features six ingenious ways to add some space to your place, whether you're reaching for the stars or just trying to make your world a little bigger. Reverb is a pretty subjective thing - sometimes you need a soft and subtle bloom behind your notes, and sometimes you really need to wail at the bottom of a stone well. The Space Race gives you a ton of options, all of which you can tweak and customize to suit your desires using our simple knob interface. The Space Race features six distinct reverb engines, each with its own set of features and controls. Tap the center button to advance to the next reverb engine.   REVERB ENGINES: MOD: Modulated chamber reverb. The Tweak knob controls the speed and depth of the pitch modulation. SHIM: Reverb with a pitch-shift component. The Tweak knob controls the pitch shift interval, either an octave down or an octave up. LOFI:  Dirty and filtered reverberation, like the echo you might get out of a broken karaoke machine.  Reverb and Space control the decay and pre-delay, respectively, while Tweak controls the amount of dirt and grit present in the reverb signal. PLATE: Bright and present reverb based on both a mechanical plate design and the early electronic plate reverb algorithms. Tweak adjusts the high-frequency damping of the reverb signal. SPRING: You know what this one is. Drippy and wet, this spring reverb simulation is great for both subtle and not-so-subtle effects. Reverb adjusts the size of the reverb tank, Space controls the “dwell” or input signal level, and Tweak controls the tone of the reverb signal. ANALOG: Electronic reverb based on an obscure bucket-brigade echo circuit. This mode lacks all of the smoothing and diffusion of more modern reverb types, so you can hear each individual echo in the reverb tail. Reverb controls the delay time, Space controls the repeats of the echo, and Tweak adds an adjustable modulation effect.
Alexander Sugarcube
Alexander Sugarcube $199.00
Some like their chorus tones toothache sweet. Others just want a hint of syrupy swirl. And no matter where you fall on that spectrum, Sugarcube delivers. We captured the essence of all our favourite chorus pedals from the 80s, added in a dash of rotary whirl and some crystallized pitch-shifting for good measure — and then wrapped it all up in a pedalboard-friendly package.Of course, you get the MIDI, preset and expression pedal support you’ve come to expect from Alexander Pedals, but look — sugar addiction is real. Consider this your only warning.
Alexander Super Neo-Matic Alexander Super Neo-Matic
Alexander Super Neo-Matic $199.99
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Back in the go-go ‘90s, a band of mad scientists emerged from a lab in the wilds of Iowa with a strange pedal that altered the very fabric of time and space. This pedal found its way into the hearts and minds of a select few - the dreamers and the music makers, the wild and free. But those pedals weren’t made to last. As the years have passed, their fragile circuitry has begun to fail, until one day they will be only a memory. Wise grandfathers will tell the children tales of the strange black pedal from the west, and that will be the end of the story. Or will it? Alexander Pedals designer Matthew Farrow decided to recreate the magic-using modern DSP technology and high-quality construction techniques. All the strange sounds of the original lurk within the Super Neo-Matic, along with some fun new surprises. The original pedals may be slowly fading, but your journey has just begun.
Alexander Superball
Alexander Superball $199.99
Modulate Everything. We took the leash off of what started as an experimental delay engine and Superball is what happened. An uber-flexible LFO, dedicated time sequencing, and resonant low-pass filter combine for the bounciest digital delay oscillations you can imagine. Warning: We’re not getting this down off your roof if you get it stuck up there. Superball is a little different from all of our other pedals. While it is basically a great-sounding digital delay, it also goes a lot further than that.The pedal features an ultra-flexible LFO (low-frequency oscillator) that can control all of the delay parameters, in any amount, in any direction. The LFO can run continuously or be set to “bounce” like a real rubber ball. Top that off with an innovative sequencer that controls only the delay clock, for pitch-shifting and time-stretching action, and you’ve got yourself a heck of a fun toy.   Tap the Select button to assign the pedal knobs to one of four control modes: LO = controls the delay time, repeat, mix, and filter when the LFO is at its low point HI = controls the delay parameters when the LFO is at max LFO = knobs change the LFO speed, depth, wave shape, and tap sync or bounce SEQ = knobs change the sequencer rate, pattern, steps, and tap sync.
Alexander Syntax Error
Alexander Syntax Error $199.99
The Syntax Error takes your tones back to the dialup era when video games were measured by their bits and telephones were wired to your wall. Inside, the primitive sounds of microchips await. It's time to blow the dust out of your cartridges and plug in your controllers. Set your modem for 14,400 baud and let the games begin.
Alexander syntax error 2
Alexander syntax error 2 $299.99
The Alexander Syntax Error 2 is our newest noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.
Bear Mountain Guitarworks TLS-1 Bear Mountain Guitarworks TLS-1
Bear Mountain Guitarworks TLS-1 $1,400.00
  Standard Series T-Style Guitar  SN#TLS0006 Color - Natural Khaya (African Mahogony) Finish - Hand Rubbed Oil Weight - 7lb 15oz Body Wood - One Piece Khaya Neck/Fretboard - Roasted Flame Maple/Rosewood 21 fret 9.5 radius C-Shape laqered finish (Glossy) Roasted Flame Maple Rosewood Fretboard Stainles Steel Frets Chrome Hardware Vintage Style Tuners - Nikel W/Off White Buttons Wilkinson Compensated Bridge Plate Wilkinson Low Gauss Vintage T-Style Nashville Pickups Tortise Binding Tortise Pickguard SHIPS WITH TWEED HARDSHELL CASE