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Echopark Clarence 25 Echopark Clarence 25
Echopark Clarence 25 $1,998.00
After a few years, designing and building amplifiers for some of the world's most toneful players around  We have finally landed on what we consider the perfect combination of elements to achieve a modern, lightweight package of pure unfiltered tonal perfection.No frills, nothing to hide behind. The Clarence 25 is a true working player's dream. Powered by a matching pair of 6V6 power tubes, solid state rectifier and a pair of 12ax7 preamp tubes finished with cathode biasing which allow for a direct swap of power tubes to 6L6 for additional wattage, more headroom, and large amp overtone bliss. The speaker cabinet is wired at 8 ohm our custom spec output transformers can handle 100% mismatched loads so, running an extension cab is never an issue.Either way, the feel is tight, punchy and dynamic with the advantage of bulletproof craftsmanship.Large and full note definition at all volume settings with preamp breakup beginning at 9 o'clock and beyond that starting at 12 o'clock a natural, creamy and focused overdrive tones arise especially when cranked!!   MODEL: Clarence 25  CHANNELS: One, with Hi/Lo inputs CONTROLS: Volume, tone TUBES: Two Tung-Sol 12AX7s, two JJ 6V6s in cathode bias POWER: 25 Watts EXTRAS: Main and extension-speaker outs SPEAKER: One 8Ω WGS 12" custom-spec “Pulsonic” 2x10 option also available ET10 65W $150 EPG Alnico 75W $275 WEIGHT: 39 lbs. BUILT: USA
Echopark Clarence GC Custom - Sinker Pine Echopark Clarence GC Custom - Sinker Pine
Echopark Clarence GC Custom - Sinker Pine $3,850.00
SPECIFICATIONS BODY: Sinker White Pine circa 1865 w/full contours NECK: Rock maple neck - 58C profile .88 - .92 taper - old stock rosewood fretboard with dot inlay markers/Jescar 8550 frets PICKGUARD: Vintage pearliod 5 ply PICKUPS: Echopark by Arcane Inc/56 gray bobbin ELECTRONICS: 3-way Switchcraft selector, independent volume/tone controls, CTS pots. HARDWARE: Tuners - Gotoh vintage style w/iveroid buttons                       Bridge - Echopark custom spec w/Intone brass saddles  FINISH: Aged Nitro in metallic emerald ADDITIONAL: Hard case
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Echopark Downtowner Custom Koa Echopark Downtowner Custom Koa
Echopark Downtowner Custom Koa $5,850.00 $6,200.00
SPECIFICATIONS BODY: Old stock Mahogany w/AAAAA koa top NECK: Old stock figured Koa full tenon - medium slim D profile - old stock cocobolo with dot inlay markers/Jescar medium jumbo frets PICKGUARD: Hand-cut/polished tortoise nitrate PICKUPS: Echopark 57  ELECTRONICS: 3-way Switchcraft selector, independent volume/tone controls, CTS pots HARDWARE: Tuners - Grover pre-war                       Bridge/Tailpiece - ABR1-N true historic/Bigsby B-12 FINISH: Caramel burst nitro ADDITIONAL: Hard case in trout telex
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Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost
Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost $219.00 $270.00
The Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost This is our 2nd version of the Dual-Harmonic Boost.  The same legendary “Dual Stacked” OD, but modified with OD Boosters on each circuit for the “Maximum” OD. The center tone pot has been replaced with a “Master Volume”, allowing you to crank both OD’s  for maximum distortion, at lower volumes. Because of the insane overdrive, the DHB2 has a 3 Way “Tone Control Switch” ranging  from (Far Left) Low, (Center) Med, (Far Right) High. This switch can be used to filter out unwanted frequency feedback at higher volumes, or a tone cut for playing certain styles of music. Far right knob is OD Gain BOOST 1, Far left knob is OD Gain BOOST 2. True Bypass, 2.1mm 9VDC power in, - Center (Internal 9V Battery Mounts on side).Powder coated aluminum enclosure. HAND MADE IN USA.
Echopark Echocaster Deluxe Echopark Echocaster Deluxe
Echopark Echocaster Deluxe $2,850.00
SPECIFICATIONS BODY: Mahogany NECK: Rock maple neck - 58C profile .88 - .92 taper - maple fretboard with black dot inlay markers/Jescar 8550 frets PICKUPS: Echopark by Arcane Inc/56 gray bobbin ELECTRONICS: 3-way Switchcraft selector, independent volume/tone controls, CTS 550k pots HARDWARE: Tuners - Gotoh vintage style w/iveroid buttons                       Bridge - Echopark Custom Spec FINISH: Aged Nitro in red  ADDITIONAL: TKL gig bag
Echopark EPD-1
Echopark EPD-1 $350.00
A Transparent modified delay based off of the PT2399 IC chip.  The Echopark EPD-1 is a digitally generated delay, with a true bypass and analog signal path. Modeled after the vintage  Echoplex Tape Delay, translated into MS (Milliseconds - .001 of a second). Looking down at the EPD-1. The right side pointer knob (MS) controls the Echo Delay, and is labeled with minimum (30MS), and Maximum (600MS). The graduation bar on the bottom is a key that shows you the graduation percentage of THD (total harmonic distortion) which becomes noticeable beyond  350MS, or beyond 1% THD, and graduates up to 3.5 % at 600MS. This is helpful in studio recording situations. The REP Knob on the left controls the Repeat Generation on the delay. MIX controls clean/delay saturation. 2.1mm 9VDC power in  - center  (9V internal Battery Option). Fully powder coated aluminum enclosure. HAND MADE IN USA.
Echopark FQ12 Dual Range Bastard
Echopark FQ12 Dual Range Bastard $265.00
The FQ12 Dual Range Bastard is equipped with individual true bypass switches for both boost and frequency selections.A discreet 6 position notched filter as designed in the early 50's. Custom wound inductor with the ability to select either 50% or 100% of the coil. allowing 12 separate tonal bandwidths to choose from.The Boost control can be accessed independently. Settings range from unity or clean boost to a powerful pre-amp style drive with no original tone loss. Harmonic richness. This unit allows the player access to do anything from a Revolver-era Vox tone to a Brian May tone and all points in between. The FQ12 creates a new palate of focused frequencies enabling the player to find and create within the confines of a multi-instrument ensemble, when boosting or adding more effect to your signal path is not working. Use for chord, single note and arpeggiated passages within a large group of instruments sharing similar frequencies or add actual tonal dimensions to your to rig without compromising your original Tone. Made in America.
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Echopark FREQUENCY 5
Echopark FREQUENCY 5 $280.00 $350.00
A vintage spec Variatone on Steroids..!!Anothier fine innovation from Echopark. Create a plethora of tones, and give yourself the ability to filter out unwanted frequencies with a 5 position, on-board notch filter, then expand, boost, and distort from there, with 2 independent stacked Analog overdrives. This was originally a variant of our FQ-12, and custom pedal that I made for  Dweezil Zappa.  Notch filter (Front) is passive, and doesn't require power to work. Dial in 5 different analog tones ranging from .001uf to .1uf...use as a filter as well with other pedals that may be a little noisy. Channel 1 is a One Transistor clean boost, that has an overdrive control (front Right), that allows you to get clean boost, or OD, and everything in-between. Channel 2 is a separate One Transistor OD/Analog Fuzz. Stacked the produce an amazing, low noise distortion. With a Master output volume in the center, you can control the final Vol output, and mix from there. The Master Vol only works with Channel 2, or  combined channels on. Allowing you to switch from Distortion to Clean/OD by deselecting channel 2. Basically this is 3 invaluable pedals in one...all combined, it will blow your mind. Having an on-board Notch filter not only changes tones, but allows the user the ability to filter out the undesired squiels from high noise, stacked fuzz’s.  A must have for studio recording. You will wonder how you lived without this unit.. 
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Echopark Nightmare
Echopark Nightmare $256.00 $320.00
Pushing the envelope of distortion, the Echopark Nightmare is a combination of Clean Boost, Fuzz, Distortion, and Octave Down, sonically tuned to blend flawlessly together to produce amazing sustain for solos, bends, and fills. Looking down at the pedal. The top left knob is your Clean Boost (stand alone)/Sustain (when used with Hyper Distortion). The right top knob is a secondary Fuzz/Boost. The bottom center knob is the Hyper Distortion. Right footswitch is Sustain/Fuzz, Left footswitch is Hyper Distortion (center Knob). The Hyper Distortion works fully interactive with the controls on your guitar, as if they are connected. You will discover that the “fluctuating” pink LED responds to all variations of sounds that the unit produces, and substantially intensifies with the sustain, and auxiliary fuzz boost. The pedal is perfect for rendering your audience a snarling, yet controllable solo they will still be hearing for days to come..Custom billet aluminum knobs, powder coated/engraved chassis 9V DC, Center - , 2.1mm power jack, No Battery Terminal Inside, DC only, HAND MADE IN USA
Echopark Producer Echopark Producer
Echopark Producer $2,200.00
A return to the fundamental elements of recording great guitar tones in the studio. Ribbon mic's love these low watt tone machines as proven by the tone's we love from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Often you just need a simple vehicle to get from A to B in a session - something that is part of the desk, something that inspires both creative freedom as needed or just plowing through recording tasks...Bullet proof and subtle in every way you need. Type: Tube  Number of Channels: 1  Total Power: 5w Speaker Size: 1 x 8"  Speaker: Jensen C8R Preamp Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, Tung-Sol Power Tubes: 1 x 6V6GT, JJ Rectifier Tube: 1 x 5AR4, JJ  Tremolo: No EQ: Passive tone control  Inputs: 2 x 1/4" (High/Low Treble) Outputs: 1 x 1/4” speaker out, 1 x 1/4” extension out, 1 x 1/4" line out Material: Sweet pine, walnut, maple Power Source: Fixed AC cable  Height: 10.75" Width: 17" Depth: 8.5" Weight: 11 lbs.