Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost

Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost

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The Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost 

This is our 2nd version of the Dual-Harmonic Boost.  The same legendary “Dual Stacked” OD, but modified with OD Boosters on each circuit for the “Maximum” OD. The center tone pot has been replaced with a “Master Volume”, allowing you to crank both OD’s  for maximum distortion, at lower volumes. Because of the insane overdrive, the DHB2 has a 3 Way “Tone Control Switch” ranging  from (Far Left) Low, (Center) Med, (Far Right) High. This switch can be used to filter out unwanted frequency feedback at higher volumes, or a tone cut for playing certain styles of music. Far right knob is OD Gain BOOST 1, Far left knob is OD Gain BOOST 2.
True Bypass,
2.1mm 9VDC power in, - Center
(Internal 9V Battery Mounts on side).
Powder coated aluminum enclosure.