Echopark Clarence 25
Echopark Clarence 25

Echopark Clarence 25

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After a few years, designing and building amplifiers for some of the world's most toneful players around  We have finally landed on what we consider the perfect combination of elements to achieve a modern, lightweight package of pure unfiltered tonal perfection.
No frills, nothing to hide behind.

The Clarence 25 is a true working player's dream.
Powered by a matching pair of 6V6 power tubes, solid state rectifier and a pair of 12ax7 preamp tubes finished with cathode biasing which allow for a direct swap of power tubes to 6L6 for additional wattage, more headroom, and large amp overtone bliss. The speaker cabinet is wired at 8 ohm our custom spec output transformers can handle 100% mismatched loads so, running an extension cab is never an issue.
Either way, the feel is tight, punchy and dynamic with the advantage of bulletproof craftsmanship.
Large and full note definition at all volume settings with preamp breakup beginning at 9 o'clock and beyond that starting at 12 o'clock a natural, creamy and focused overdrive tones arise especially when cranked!!


MODEL: Clarence 25 
CHANNELS: One, with Hi/Lo inputs
CONTROLS: Volume, tone
TUBES: Two Tung-Sol 12AX7s, two JJ 6V6s in cathode bias
POWER: 25 Watts
EXTRAS: Main and extension-speaker outs
SPEAKER: One 8Ω WGS 12" custom-spec “Pulsonic” 2x10 option also available ET10 65W $150
EPG Alnico 75W $275
WEIGHT: 39 lbs.