Death By Audio Micro Dream
Death By Audio

Death By Audio Micro Dream

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Similar to the thick and gooey sound of the Echo Dream 2, the MICRO DREAM is streamlined and compact, with a slightly more grainy, decayed delay sound. Sounds pleasantly demented with fuzz or into an overdriven amp. Set the internal trim pot to adjust the feedback point so that it can stay mellow or scream into self-oscillation.


F Back: Controls the feedback of the delays, from slapback to wild runaway oscillation. 

Time: Controls the delay time (Numbers shown in milliseconds).

Delay: Sets the volume of the delayed signal.

Internal Trimpot: Sets the point at which the Feedback knob will cause the delay to oscillate.



Dimensions: 4.95" x 2.61" x 2.34" (including hardware).

Weight: 11 oz. 

Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).

Current Draw: 28 mA.