Chase Bliss Habit
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Chase Bliss Habit

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So what is this pedal? Simply put, it's a delay. But in typical Chase Bliss fashion, it's a lot more than that. This project started over 2 years ago when we saw a lot of customers using their blooper pedals strictly as delays. We've been doing it too. The problem is that it's a little bit frustrating if that's the only thing you want to use blooper for, so we decided to imagine blooper as purely a delay, and design around that. Then, we let our imaginations wander… and ended up going to some places we never expected.


At its simplest, Habit is an experimental delay that can be up to a minute long. At its extreme, it’s a self-contained song made up of chance encounters. That's due to the fact that Habit is always listening to what you are playing and has 3 minute long buffer where the past can interact with your present playing. Habit allows you to control how the past interacts with the present.


Habit is a musical sketchpad. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Build compositions right inside the pedal, gather up loops, design custom echo patterns.

It’s an effect that can become an instrument at any time, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do.

Or it could just be a fun delay:

-60 seconds of delay time